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About NCST

The National Council for Science and Technology (NCST) was set up in 1977 under the aegis of the Ministry of Finance and Planning mainly to coordinate local activities in Science and Technology(S&T).

The main functions, which it was asked to perform at the time, were:

I.   To collect, collate and review information concerning S&T.
II.  To coordinate scientific research and development in S&T
III. To foster scientific research relating to:
  • The development and utilization of local resources
  • The improvement of existing technical processes
  • The development of new processes and methods for application to the expansion or the creation of industries and to the utilization of waste products
  • For about a decade the NCST activities were concentrated on short-term contract projects, which were mainly funded by the Department of Scientific and Technological Affairs, Organisation of American States.
About the NCST Barbados
About the NCST Barbados

In early 1980's a review of the NCST was undertaken and recommendations were made for expansion of its technical secretariat as well as the scope of its work.

Prior to the 1990's studies included surveys, agricultural projects, use of solar energy particularly in the drying of fruit, and studies on the use of local limestone for construction of buildings.

In 1994, the NCST took up new accommodation at its present location, increased its technical staff and broadened the scope of its work. Its programs are geared towards complementing S&T programmes being undertaken by other Research and Development public and private sector organisations and avoiding duplication of such programmes. The NCST has been assisting in Barbados' development, by providing services and fostering research in S&T in a number of areas.

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