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Programmes and Policy

Lecture/Debating Series
Lecture & Debating SeriesThe objectives of this programme are:

  • To increase the appreciation of the public, especially the youth, for science and technology
  • To improve the research, and oral/presentation skills of students
  • To improve the overall literacy of students
  • To enable students to expand on stipulated school's curriculum

This programme involves the staging of a lecture series (of approximately one hour duration) with contributions made from experts in various fields of scientific interest.
This debating series involves the staging of a debating series directed primarily to 6th form secondary school students and would be held in conjunction with the lecture series mentioned above. Hence there would be a debating competition held with each lecture. The debating series will be in a format of three (3) rounds and based on S&T related topics.
Science And Technology Information
This is one of the most important responsibilities of the NCST. It comprises programmes aimed at providing reliable current S&T information to users as well as being the focal point for linkages with regional and international S&T agencies. Current activities also involve conducting surveys on a regular basis, compilation of S&T databases on researchers, research projects and other related activities.
Popularisation Of Science
There are a number of projects falling under this sub-programme. The program aims at the generation of communication processes fostering the society’s awareness and appropriation of S&T. It is hoped that these activities will assist in building a scientific culture, in which, science becomes both a social practice and a product stemming from the culture that creates and uses it.
Annual Caribbean Youth Science Forum
The CYSF is an annual Forum that brings together young regional science students, at the secondary level, in Trinidad and Tobago during the summer. The main objective is to focus on science related issues of affecting the region and the global community.   It is an opportunity for regional scientists to interact with the young scientists of the region. Lectures and presentations are given by prominent Caribbean scientists based in the Caribbean, or living and working in the developed world.
The Monitor
This S&T publication is designed to provide a mechanism through which S&T professionals and technologists will have the opportunity to publish articles on topics of S&T interest locally, regionally or internationally. The aim of the publication is not to be a hard core scientific journal, but it is to be used to communicate to the wider community on topics of scientific interest in an effort to demystify S&T.

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